Advanced financial analytics ready in minutes

Get deep insights and predictions through advanced analytics without hiring a single data analyst.  Our fully automated solution leverage state-of-the-art AI technologies to analyze your financial and operational data.

What we do

Increase your profit by leveraging advanced analytics on your data

We experienced first-hand the difficulty for finance & business professionals to work with data analytics experts. Our team bridges this gap by integrating financial & operational reporting expertise, data engineering and advanced analytics capabilities.

On-demand financial & operational analytics

Using artificial intelligence, we help you answer questions such as how could you optimize your pricing, which customers are more likely to churn, where is your highest chance of cross-selling or where are your operational bottlenecks.

End-to-end automated platform

Moby integrates your operational & financial data in record time thanks to a unique approach from data collection to analytics reporting. You get access to high-end analytical insights powered by state-of-the-art technology.

how we do it

Moby Data Factory

Common Data Model

We perform hundred of checks on your data and convert them in our unique common data model, which is designed for financial analytics.

Reporting Systems

We extract targeted raw data from your companies' database automatically thanks to our deep reporting systems expertise.


Analyses on Excel & PowerBi

You get access to out-of-the-box advanced analytics tailored to your needs and powered by the latest technologies.

Excell iconPowerBi icon

Reporting Systems

We extract preselected raw data from your reporting systems automatically thanks to our reporting system expertise.

Cloud Data Factory

Our data engineering process makes your data “analytics-ready” and performs +400 integrity checks.

Analytics on Excel & PowerBi

Our data engineering process makes your data “analytics-ready” and performs +400 integrity checks.

who we are

Moby Analytics Founders

Dimitri Kassubeck
Dimitri Kassubeck
Founder & CEO, Data Analytics Expert
Thomas Rapilly
Thomas Rapilly
Co-founder, Software Engineer

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