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Business analytics

Discover unparalleled insights: Bridging the gap between business and data

We stand at the strategic intersection of business and data.

We offer our clients a seamless and outcome-oriented journey — plugging into existing data architecture to craft strategic communications for C-Level executives in a matter of days.


Strategic analytics integration: aligning data insights with business goals

At Moby Analytics, we bring our state-of-the art expertise to our clients most relevant data challenges, developing tailored analytical strategies that bridge the gap between business teams and data analysts. 

Fostering communication and collaboration across diverse teams iscentral to our approach. This ensures that our clients receive concise, reliable, and actionable insights for effective strategic decision-making.

With Microsoft for Startups as our strategic partner, we bring unparalleled expertise in Microsoft technologies like Azure Cloud Services and Power BI.

This synergy between cutting-edge technology and business expertise not only enables us to effectively tackle our clients' diverse challenges, but also identifies new opportunities in today's dynamic business and technological landscape.

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Intelligent analytics and reporting: transforming data into action

  • Strategic Reports

Our strategic reports are tailored to provide clarity, insight, and focused recommendations. Employing best-in-class visualization techniques, these reports transform complex data into actionable intelligence, enabling C-Level executives to make informed decisions swiftly.

  • Automated Analysis & Dashboards

We streamline the process from data collection to visualization. Our automated analysis and dashboards are capable of handling complex tasks including advanced statistical models and machine learning algorithms. This ensures you have continuous access to up-to-date information, encapsulated in user-friendly dashboards.


Transforming your data into a strategic asset

At Moby Analytics, we don't just analyze data; we transform it into a strategic asset. Our approach, rooted in the integration of business acumen and advanced analytics, has consistently delivered unparalleled insights for our clients. By bridging the gap between business teams and data specialists, we ensure that our solutions are not only technically robust but also strategically aligned with your objectives.

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