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Business analytics

Data quality transformation in the fresh product industry: Enhancing reporting and operations


A leading wholesaler in the fruit and vegetable sector faced significant challenges with data quality. They struggled to produce reliable reporting due to inadequate capabilities for accurately measuring customer margins.

Their processes were overly complicated, consuming substantial time and resources without yielding dependable outcomes.


We conducted a detailed analysis of their database, complemented by interviews with key stakeholders to understand existing processes.

We then defined key business rules to adjust and reorganize the data. This approach was geared towards streamlining their operations and enhancing data accuracy. This approach assisted the wholesaler in preparing for a substantial ERP system change, as we furnished key insights regarding the necessary data and their optimal structuring.

Image by Scott Warman

Our client now has reliable reports that provide clear insights into the desired outcomes of the upcoming ERP change.

We developed a continuously updated dashboard featuring top industry KPIs. This tool enabled the CEO to fully appreciate the value of high data quality, driving them to advocate for improvements.

Our clear communication highlighted how data quality limitations were impacting their insight capabilities, with direct links to processes needing change. By adopting a 20/80 approach, we helped them focus on the most relevant processes that really needed modification.

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