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Integrating AI workflow in contract analysis


A leading professional service firm approached us with a challenge: they needed to analyze a substantial volume of contracts to find cost saving potential for their clients.

The task involved processing approximately hundreds of documents monthly, extracting key information, and synthesizing it efficiently.


Our approach began with a collaborative discussion with the client to understand their specific requirements and the information needed. We then conducted a preliminary analysis ourselves to ensure we fully grasped the nuances of the task. This initial phase was crucial for optimizing the prompts used in our AI tools, tailoring them to deliver precise and relevant results.

We established a series of quality checks throughout the process to maintain high standards of accuracy and reliability. These steps were all part of an iterative process, involving continuous feedback and cooperation with the client, ensuring that our service setup was not only efficient but also highly customized to meet their specific needs.

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Our streamlined approach not only facilitated the efficient processing of contracts but also ensured adaptability and sustainability in line with the dynamic nature of AI and data analytics. Implementing the new AI processes freed up over four full-time equivalents (FTE) for redeployment to higher-value tasks, notably in the realm of data analysis.

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