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Business analytics

Transforming data complexity into strategic clarity for a global industrial leader


A large industrial player faced a complex and fragmented data landscape, characterized by isolated databases, diverse sources, and extensive data resources. Although their data teams had had many successes, they were looking for setting up a more continuous stream of analyses to start addressing the most strategic levers of the business in a systematic manner and at high speed.

The challenge was twofold: to gain a high-level strategic view while simultaneously delving into the intricate details of the multiple data sources. This required a balance between broad strategic vision and meticulous analysis of voluminous data.

Image by Carlos Aranda

Our approach went beyond simply fostering interdepartmental communication; it involved introducing a new set of expertise in data analysis and co-creation. We bridged the gap between expert teams and data analysts, leveraging the collective expertise of all teams involved.

Our focus was to deliver fast, high-quality insights while maintaining a streamlined approach, with key insights at the center. Dealing with large volumes of data, we ensured that data quality met the analysis's requirements. Simultaneously, we identified areas for improvement to increase operational effectiveness and suggested the implementation of new technologies to further automate analytical processes.


After analyzing many billion data points, our presentations were concise, limited to an average of ten core slides, and completed within a few weeks. This approach allowed us to provide clear, actionable insights without overwhelming stakeholders with complexity.

Our analysis brought clarity to the global industrial leader's data strategy, unveiling new areas for growth. Our findings not only confirmed some of the organization's initial intuitions but also provided surprising insights that led to new initiatives to capture business value in the millions.

Image by Simon Kadula

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