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Demystifying AI: Practical applications for service professionals


In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence, service professionals often find it challenging to fully comprehend tools like GPT, with common issues being misconceptions about AI, unmet high expectations, and inadequate training.

We were commissioned by the French Order of Chartered Accountants to develop a customized AI program for their members (>20.000 chartered accountants in France).

Our goal was to provide clear, updated, and relevant insights into AI's practical business applications.


Our approach began with demystifying the word "artificial intelligence", tracing the evolution from basic machine learning to advanced deep learning, thus clarifying key concepts and terms. We emphasized practical applications, continuously updating our training to align with the latest industry trends. Our interactive seminars fostered a collaborative learning environment. By showcasing real-world use cases of AI in corporate settings, we provided participants with practical examples of AI's capabilities.

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The integration of AI tools into team processes was a notable achievement.

Participants not only understood the potential and limitations of these technologies but also worked through concrete business applications combining our cutting-edge insights with their deep industry expertise.

This enabled them to envision and plan for future AI applications in their respective fields.

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